Silicone elastomers

Silicone Coating can be made with any type of silicone elastomers mono or bi-component, from low shore hardness gel to high resistance silicones.

Silicones for skin contact : we can adjust their non-skid properties and sticky effect.

Coating can be run in a wide range of aspects : transparent,  coloured, with special effects  e.g. spangled, fluorescent or phosphorescent.





Silicone properties 

Silicone elastomers have many fields of application thanks to their remarkable properties :

  •  Electric or thermal insulators
  •  Elastic and shock absorbing
  •  Water and grease repellent
  •  Excellent surface tension
  •  Hypoallergenic and neutral and resistant to fungus
  •  Resistant and stable at low and high temperatures (from -100°C to +315°C with special grade)
  •  Low combustion at flame contact - no emission of harmful or corrosive fumes