Equipment and silicone coating processes

Cheynet - machine

Thanks to our comprehensive range of  equipments we can adapt the most suitable process to meet your expectations.

Our proprietary equipment is engineered and manufactured by our Sodemetex  R&D  department.

Our R&D and  production technicians are working closely together and the partnership that we have developed with raw material suppliers allow us to continuously improve and optimize our equipment and processes.

For large volumes our R&D department may adapt our equipment specifically to manufacture your products.

Textiles substrates manufactured by the Group can easily be adapted to meet your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any new project you may have. We are there to develop the answer with you.



Coating pattern range and processes :


  • Continuous coating by direct process on textile substrates or others, in straitght or wavy bands, in honeycomb or dots.
  • Continuous coating by patented transfer process allowing coating in a thin layer with a variety of surface aspects. This process is Suitable for fragile substrates which are not adapted to conventional direct coating.
  • Continous coating for production of bare yarns or strips. Strips may be solid or open-work with geometric motif.
  • Continuous coating of multi-layer products by insertion of silicone between fabrics or between materials of various nature such as those which can be re-activated by heat.
  • Automatic unitary coating for high volume production by robotized automates

Depending on process, working width of coating may go up to 300 mm.